Original Hobby Wood Craft 3D Puzzle (2-Pack Solar-Powered Windmill and Watermill)

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Water power and solar power combine to create this energy-efficient toy!

Like the rest of our wooden 3D puzzles, this solar-powered watermill can be assembled and painted yourself. With these puzzles, children and adults alike can practice engineering concepts while imagining limitless creative designs. The solar-powered puzzles introduce the elements of science and energy to the equation, making for an even more exciting and educational experience.

Despite technological and industrial revolutions, the classic image of the windmill has persisted for centuries as a prime example of humanity’s mechanical innovation. The hands-on nature of this puzzle can help you and your family understand how the windmill’s ancient technology works.

While watermills have been all but replaced by electricity in modern times, they are still being used in developing countries. Many of us may not know a lot about watermills or how they work, so this puzzle offers an opportunity to learn more about a precursor of hydroelectricity.

After assembly, set these in your windowsill and let it soak up the sun. Once charged, it’s a creative and unique mobile display for your home—and you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or replacing the batteries, because the sun does all the work for you!

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Each order of “Original Hobby Wood Craft 3D Puzzle 2-Pack (Solar-Powered Watermill and Watermill)” includes the following:

  • Precut wooden puzzle shapes (no tools or glue required) of a windmill and watermill
  • 2 sets of six paints with paintbrush (colors include red, yellow, blue, green, white, and black)
  • Solar panel and motor
  • Instructions for assembly