Original Hobby Sea Animal 3D Puzzles (Set of 5 Includes Dolphin, Sea Lion, Turtle, Octopus, Sea Horse) with Punchout Scenery and Paints

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Kids and adults alike can find inspiration from this 3D wooden puzzle pack to create personalized toys or decorative models. A versatile STEAM toy, this pack enables children aged five and up to be creative and innovative in their exploration of design and engineering concepts.

This educational craft not only employs problem-solving, spatial visualization, and fine motor skills but also fosters imaginative play! These vehicle-themed puzzles will deliver you to your destination, whether via land, sea, or air. Once assembled, you can paint the models with any design you like: color the Jeep to look like an off-road Batmobile, or turn the airplane into the Avengers’ Quinjet.

The imaginations of you and your children will take flight; the sky’s the limit! Self-painted models make for excellent conversation starters and display pieces around the home— impress your family and friends with art that you’ve crafted and decorated yourself! Or, if you’d prefer, you can leave the models unpainted and take them apart to reassemble whenever you like.

Experience the challenge and the fun again and again. Claim this five-pack as your own, or divide among all the crafting enthusiasts and puzzle lovers in your life! Host a puzzle party, at the end of which the party-goers can each take home a piece of homemade art or a custom toy for the kids in their own family, tailored to their personality or interests.

These puzzles make an excellent gift for birthdays or holidays and are the perfect size for stocking stuffers! Each order of “Woodcraft 3D Puzzles” includes the following: A five-pack of wooden 3D puzzles with precut shapes for you to assemble and paint (no tools or glue required) Shapes that form a Locomotive, Jeep, Lifeboat, Solar-powered Windmill, and Solar-powered Watermill (pictured from left to right, top to bottom in image) Five paint sets (each paint set has red, yellow, blue, green, white, and black) Instructions for assembly