Brazilian Palm Crokinole Wax

Brazilian Palm Crokinole Wax

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1.75 ounces of Brazilian fan palm carnauba wax, good for a thousand smooth, fast-sliding games!

What is this wax?

  • Carnauba wax is native to Brazil and is harvested, or collected, from a palm tree which only occurs in the northeastern states of Brazil. The wax occurs on the leaves of the palm during dry, hot weather as a natural means of protecting the leaves from the elements.

How often should I apply it?

  • Very occasionally; once every 100-200 games or so, or when you see a noticeable declination in speed/smoothness.

How much should I apply?

  • Very little! A little goes a LONG way. This package is enough for dozens of applications.

Will this work for the discs, too?

  • Yes! You'll see better performance if it's applied to the discs as well. Same notes apply (very little, and very occasionally).

Any other tips?

  • Dust and moisture are what slow boards down. Try to keep your board in a cool, dry place as the cooler/dryer the board is, the faster the board will be!