Original Hobby Crokinole Board (26" x 26")

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Crokinole is the top-rated abstract board game on BoardGameGeek and is in the top five for family games, but you may have never heard of it. Crafted in Canada in the 1800s, crokinole is an authentically North American creation, developed by and for communities just like yours!

In this dexterity-based table sport for two to four players, you take turns flicking small discs across the board, aiming to hit your opponents’ pieces into less advantageous positions or, if no opposing pieces are in play, to reach the board’s “inner circle,” which is fenced off by eight pins, or pegs. You will find that the base rules of crokinole are easy to learn, yet the game offers complexity in its many regional variations and in how you choose to play.

While crokinole can get quite competitive, its nature lends it to being an inherently social experience. You and your opponent can quietly consider your next moves independently from each other (as in intense strategy games like chess or Magic: The Gathering), but you can also chat amicably over the table while taking turns. Whether you’re a new player or an expert competitor with practiced skills and techniques, you can sit down and begin playing right away.

Crokinole brings you and your family and friends together around the table, where they will no doubt ask you all about this new game of yours and why its name sounds like a Pokémon. The board itself starts conversations with people you already know and helps you meet and develop friendships with those who share your interests. Proudly displaying a well-crafted board in your home or saving it for a dramatic reveal on game night are both sure to intrigue anyone you invite over and to make a name for yourself as “the cool crokinole friend.” There is no barrier for entry for crokinole, other than having fingers and basic hand-eye coordination, so you’re likely to run into all sorts of people!

Unlike its more physically active cousins—pool, shuffleboard, and curling—crokinole is played seated at a tabletop, so you don’t have to worry about ever standing up at all! Crokinole burns the calories that are inside your mind!

Featured here is the “Original Hobby Crokinole Board,” perfect for any kind of play, whether casual or competitive. For the “Tournament-Size Crokinole Board (30” x 30”),” please click here.

Each order of the Original Hobby crokinole board includes the following:

  • A handmade, hand-stained wooden crokinole board measuring 26 inches in diameter
  • A quarter-inch-thick Baltic Birch plywood playing surface measuring 22 inches in diameter
  • A hardwood frame
  • Black and natural tan playing pieces (13 each—one extra for each color) in a blue drawstring bag
  • Eight pegs/pins made of ABS plastic, packaged separately
  • Rules of play
  • A chessboard on the other side of the board, just for fun (chess pieces not included)